Research suggests that students who are asked to think learn better.  This initiated the training Faith Christian School had a taste of last March 09, 2019 at  One Global Place, BGC, Taguig City.  Five educators from the elementary to senior high school levels participated in a highly engaging experience of sharing their practices on questioning and and making students learn to think through each question and task they have facilitated for their students.  An analysis and an evaluation of such practices were deliberated on.  Details on how to design higher-order thinking questions were described and on how to implement them in many instances – oral class discussion, quizzes, classroom learning activities,  short or long-term  projects.

Two big ideas on higher-order thinking were highlighted; they being one: higher-order thinking happens when students engage with what they know as to transform it and two: higher-order thinking adds real knowledge that is complex, effortful, generative, evidence-seeking, and reflective.  Simply put, this kind of thinking does not just reproduce the same knowledge but results in something new.  “Conduct a one-day seminar for in-service training.” and “There is a need for us to align our questions and tasks  with our learning outcomes and lessons.” were recommended by the participants.