Practical,  Engaging, and Differentiated Training Workshops Designed for Your School


A Blend of sessions that addresses a multiplication challenge and thinking in new boxes


Key Content per Topic

Designing Questions & Tasks to Assess Student Thinking 


Designing Questions ...

This training event will emphasize that higher-order thinking does not just reproduce the same knowledge acquired but results in something NEW.  Knowledge is therefore TRANSFORMED.   

Becoming A Project Motivator Through Strengths-Based Management

Becoming a Project Motivator

This would provide ways to engage yourself and your team going forward and the enthusiasm to lead your team and pull greatness out of each member as you manage your projects and organize your tasks.  We start from what makes  us strong and build from there.

Building a Team Genius In Your Organization



Building a Team Genius

The size and composition of your teams matter greatly when setting strategic goals.  When teams fail, they are almost always too big.  The best leaders have a limit to their successful  span of control, usually six to ten people – the number of individuals whom they can personally manage at the highest levels of productivity. Create a TEAM GENIUS.  

Down With Mediocrity! Teaching Strategies for More Effective Learning




Down With Mediocrity!

Excellence is the goal.  Never half-baked or prepared-in-a-rush plan for a day or week.  For learning to be effective, educators need to apply better teaching strategies that cultivate the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 

Getting Better Faster: Coaching for New Teachers 




Getting Better Faster

Every academic year, there could be a group of new teachers that would desire to be a part of your institution.  There is a need to train first year teachers to proficiency; thus, accelerating their teacher effectiveness.  New teachers need to have successful, fulfilling, and effective starts to their teaching careers, apart from their degree requirements.  It may be the teacher’s first year of delivering instruction but it would be the students’ ONLY year to learn rom the teacher. Excellence is the goal.   

Leading With Questions 




Leading With Questions

Some leaders feel that they are supposed to have answers, not questions. However, little is known that leaders who use questions can truly empower people and change organizational culture .  The ability to ask questions goes hand in hand with the ability to learn.  A learning organization could be possible mainly if it has a culture that encourages questions. 

The Art of Peace in the Workplace  




The Art of Peace in the Workplace

This workshop offers  an indispensable journey towards resolving conflicts and going through difficult conversations successfully and effectively.  Whether one  handles leadership roles or efficient followers, there would be occasions when conflicts happen. It is an  incontrovertible fact and there are strategies on how to initiate and handle situations when colleagues would end up fighting.  


“Engagement” is more about what you do for your students.

“Empowerment” is about helping students to figure out what they can do for themselves.

George Couros


Leadership is not a position or title,
it is action and example.



Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put into practice.
And the God of peace will be with you.


Philippians 4:9