Our initial venture was held at the U-View Room of the Fully Booked, BGC, Taguig City.  Special guest speakers were Mrs. Lisa M. Manuncia, Director and Clinical Therapist of E-Compassion Ministries, Inc. and Miss Maria Luz B. Estudillo, Founder-Directress of the Headway School for Giftedness and a Registered Guidance Counselor.  They expounded on who are the gifted and challenged students, how to identify them among a class of 40 or more, and how to address and resolve their behavioral concerns. A highly interactive group shared experiences and thoughts on handling situations encountered in their classrooms and even in their personal lives.  Seven schools, both public and private, were represented in the event.  Here are their feedback —

      “speakers enthusiastically shared so many insights to help us develop empathy and show love to our gifted and challenged students; will go home blessed and             filled with wisdom and joy; will apply what we have learned in our school” 

      “very informative and applicable to teachers’ needs; very relevant”

      “..in demand discussion in addressing the immediate needs of students nowadays”

      “..i love it,  so engaging; targeted the different issues of counseling in our schools in an interactive and fun way..”

      “..please have parental seminars for the same topics”

      “we were given tips on how to identify the gifted kids and how to deal with them”

      “essential for daily lives in being both a parent and a teacher”